About Nuxx Media

The responsibility of Nuxx Media, is to provide you with a product that does for you what you need it to. If it just looks good, but doesn’t fill a need, we haven’t done our job.

When there is an established purpose for any task at hand, it has a much better chance at fulfilling it’s intended goal.

Nuxx Media can be your very own creative department “down the hall.”

Nuxx Media can fulfill several roles for you. Marketing Production has many facets. Though Video Production is the primary capability, Logo Design, Animation of those Logos, and Print Design are also significant proficiencies here.

When a job starts with design, it frequently needs to use the other abilities found at Nuxx Media. Additionally, Printing of the items designed is also an area that we are adept.

What makes Nuxx Media unique is the ability to combine all of the creative skills of a design firm with video production and technology.  Gone are the days of using several different companies to reach your goals, or trying to do it in-house with your staff already busy doing other things.

While working with companies from Disney,  Touchstone, and DreamWorks Pictures, to national and local business clients, the founder, Dan Nuckolls, has created a vast catalogue of experience. One of the foundations for effective communications are personal connections, strong identity, and a clearly defined purpose.

Nuxx Media IS Dan Nuckolls, plus numerous freelancers who are hired, as they are needed.  Nuxx Media uses marketing production to help you communicate effectively and accurately, the places you need you need to be.

Dan Nuckolls

  • As a creative producer, Dan has been in numerous parts of the entertainment industry, but his primary focus has been in the advertising and marketing arenas.
  • He knows and understands how to put himself in the consumers’ shoes and to strive for what works, while looking good.

We do our video work via the web – it’s like having an in-house production department on call.

PatComedian and Writer

I can’t tell you how much joy I have from seeing my video come together!

Coach MongPersonal Coach

I don’t say this often, but it’s clear from your videos that you’ve got talent.

FrankMarketing Director

Thank you for breathing heart and soul into our video.

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