Reliable production for over 25 years. We are not just making videos. We are making videos that WORK for you…and print and design…

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Video Production

Your Video will be produced by a Hollywood veteran. Quality, Fast Turnaround at a Low Cost. Video has a great return on your investment.

Logo Design

Get a slick Logo for Print, Video, and Animation all at one place. A quality image is paramount for you will stand out in your industry.

Print Design

Branding will be carried between all elements of your package; from Print to Video. The consistency of your presentation will be taken very seriously.

Featured Video Projects


Why Nuxx Media?

Marketing Production is all associated with one another…Video, Print, Design and Web.

At Nuxx Media you get the experience of national talent and a hometown cost.


Almost every project requires writing and that is something we love to do. Share your idea, and see it take life.


Animation is commonly used in video. We do 2D and 3D broadcast animation, whatever is required.


Videos don’t have to break the bank. We’ll work with you on evaluating your needs and staying within your budget.