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Concept and Writing

When you have a specific message you want to get across, Nuxx Media will work with you to develop a presentation that will make you proud.

Video Production

Whether you’re shooting a simple stand-up delivery or a multi-location in-depth story. Nuxx Media can provide you with top quality at a reasonable cost.

Editing and Animation

Our editing is done in-house with the same people you will meet at your production. From inception to completion, you will know who you’re dealing with.

Video Facts


Users that share video choose Facebook almost 50% of the time.


Web video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion by 2016.

Social Media Examiner

76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites; it’s a higher priority than Facebook or Twitter.

The purpose of Nuxx Media is to help you communicate your purpose to people. When we effectively convey why you are talking with them and hopefully cause them to take the action you would like, we have done our job.

Sometimes you need an image piece to get people to understand what you are all about and to feel good about you.

And then you need to show how to do something or you need to address a topic in a professional, succinct and on-target manner.

Video has the unique ability of being a moving image of you, yet the video can be edited in a way that communicates just what you want communicated…with a purpose.

When you have a purpose, music and the appropriate voiceover can help present you in an effective way that clearly communicates what you what to get across.